Canteen work across a variety of media to make you look awesome, but these are just words, you want proof right? that’s why you’re here. Click a service below to find out more.



What we can do for you:

Canteen creates social media content videos, adverts, shoots commercial photography and we also act as art directors on a variety of projects. We make stuff that people actually enjoy watching  We’ll create content for you that your audience will notice AND enjoy watching by producing some of the most original, thought provoking and fun projects around. Running down tried and tested routes headlong is not for us. We chop our veg with a scythe, we stare into the sun and we’ll always shake it like nobody’s watching. We’d much rather take the least trodden path and come up with something unique rather than something obvious. Drop us an email and we’ll get straight back to you for a chat.

FEATURED PROJECT - Wattle + Daub Studio

W+D lifestyle ad; client – Wattle+Daub Studio

Working in the rural and suburban habitats, Wattle + Daub architects needed a film that would show their process and ethos, filmed in late summer 2021 this is the film we created together.

FEATURED PROJECT - Love Letters To The Town

Love letters to the Town; client – Action Transport Theatre

Reaching over 10,000 people organically in it’s first month online, Love Letters was designed from scratch by Canteen and given to us as a very simple concept with the trust that we’d do something special- Some young writers would pen anonymous letters to their hometown of Ellesmere Port and it’s inhabitants. We wanted to do the writers’ work justice and create something way beyond expectation, whilst avoiding Covid related cliché.

We’re really proud of this one. Please do give it a watch.


What you've said about us

There is always a total commitment to artistic quality from Sam and Canteen, and a sense of experimentation which means work often exceeds our expectations.

Nina Hajiyianni, Artistic Director – Action Transport Theatre

It’s not just the quality of the videography and photography that puts them at the top of my list to call when I am launching a promo campaign.

It’s the creativity and angle that come’s with Canteen’s approach to commercial business, it it’s never an over-sell, more of a considered understanding that reaches inboxes and social feeds with excitement, whetting appetites just as I had hoped. Working with them is easy, always a 2 way street that gets the best combined approach and never disappoints

Lynsey Jones, Head of Restaurants – Chester Race Company

Canteen took half an idea and turned it into a full advert – A factory of original ideas and very easy to work with. Canteen routinely deliver the best content we have had.

Tom Whitley, Owner – Nine Meals From Anarchy

Had an amazing experience working with Canteen . Their passion for their work is infectious and their adaptability is commendable. Look forward to working together again

Liam McKay, Owner/Executive Chef – Chef’s Table, Chester

Amazeballs!! These images are fab, we’ve got years worth of content here and some cracking images of people at play. Thanks so much, I am so happy with them.

Georgia Hayes – Western Approaches maritime museum