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Case Study: Lighting design for Chester’s “Supertrees” sculptures

Aim: To increase awareness and PR around the Project

Canteen worked closely with ForEST group – the creators of the project, to create a PR stunt that would attract significant attention and bring the project into focus in the public eye. We needed something high impact to enhance the look of the sculptures and increase positive public opinion of the project and the reasons behind it. You can read more about that here.You’ll also be able to watch some of the short films we’ve been making to document the progress of the project.

How we did it:

We analysed the strength and weaknesses of the space in its current state. At the time the ambitious team had worked with local authority to drastically improve a run-down city centre area. Re-landscaping had been completed, the planting scheme including climbing plants which would include climbers to “green” the trees had just been completed and therefore not mature. The space was still a work in progress.

We came up with a design using architectural lighting and by working with a local lighting company delivered an installation which captured the imagination.

The result: A great success

— Huge PR success with the stunt. feedback was exceptionally positive.

— Public were witnessed talking about the lit trees for weeks afterwards.

— 18,000 social media views in under 24 hours

— 2 x full page newspaper articles in print and digital media. Here’s one of the articles

— Conversation opened with the community, ForEST had hundreds of comments and messages with regards to the lights which led to a chance to talk directly and invite further interaction with the project.

— Commitment to permanently light the trees. After many council members witnessed the event, meetings were immediately instigated between the local authority and ForEST group to fast track permanent lighting for the sculptures. We will be advising on this process and continue to work with the project.