Creative filmmaking

In these projects we have worked with our partners to create something special. Each film has it’s own purpose and reason for it’s style, enjoy watching them and finding out why they were created.
We were entrusted with creating the main advert for The Good Life Experience 2019 founded by Broadcaster, musician and writer Cerys Matthews, record industry and arts consultant Steve Abbott and retailers, farmers and authors Charlie and Caroline Gladstone.
They hired us to produce this advert because they were confident Canteen could deliver something with the right pace and feeling. We used existing footage from previous events coupled with some atmospheric scenes filmed by us and put it all together in this fast paced, snappy edit

Working with Action Transport Theatre to create a trailer for their touring show “Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf” Was an absolute pleasure. We decided to go with a very cinematic approach rather than filming the show as it was played, We worked with the actors, lighting crew and set designers to produce an emotive layered piece incorporating the signing of the show within the film.  All set to a haunting soundtraack by Patrick Dineen.

During our creative partnership with Commonhall Social – Chester’s most creative venue we designed a whole beach scene at the venue for their summer parties, the LUAU was the first of these. We came up with this advert to grab attention whilst not forgetting to show the fun side and the party vibe of the place. It was subsequently published on all social media channels and received a huge amount of attention – Which made us feel good so we joined them for the party as well.

The surf-rock soundtrack was written by Canteen

Meet the historical characters of the city of Chester. In this multi character mini-film for the new exhibition Chester A Life Story the characters are introduced and then burst into the city before ending up in the heritage promoting space where they can now be found. Madcap antics and sausage waving!
In this warm short film for a fantastic wine venue COVINO we used a mish mash of documentary and cinematic styles to tell the story of the evolution of a business. Some fun visual trickery and some great laughs in this one.
The soundtrack was also written by Canteen for the film.
Theatrical trailer for groundbreaking production Adrift by Action Transport Theatre. The theatre were keen to work with us creatively resulting in a piece concepted by Canteen that through layers of film and animation holds the essence of the production at its heart.
Pioneering veg-stock brand Nine Meals From Anarchy Trusted Canteen to produce some recipe videos for them in our style. This one is the second in a series of five videos made with the humour and punk attitude of the company.

Soundtrack written by Canteen

If you want the best out of something then it’s always worth putting in the extra effort. When Commonhall approached us to do something original for them we challenged ourselves to create a horror film in under 2 minutes. This is one of our favourite projects to date and went on to be well remembered and much watched.