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FEATURED PROJECT - Love Letters To The Town

Love letters to the Town; client – Action Transport Theatre

Reaching over 10,000 people organically in it’s first month online, Love Letters was designed from scratch by Canteen and given to us as a very simple concept with the trust that we’d do something special- Some young writers would pen anonymous letters to their hometown of Ellesmere Port and it’s inhabitants. We wanted to do the writers’ work justice and create something way beyond expectation, whilst avoiding Covid related cliché.

We’re really proud of this one. Please do give it a watch.

Video content showreel


What we do

We come up with some of the most original, thought provoking and fun projects around. Running down tried and tested routes headlong is not for us. We chop our veg with a scythe, we stare into the sun and we’ll always shake it like nobody’s watching. We’d much rather take the least trodden path and come up with something unique rather than something obvious.

Canteen create video content, commercial photography and we do art direction as well. Making things happen with people who trust us, and are (mostly) not scared to be a little different, makes us love what we do even more. if this sounds like the type of company you want to work with, give us a ring or email. 

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first step: An Idea
Tell us about your project over a cup of tea. We can do this remotely of course but tea is necessary.
second step: Pre production
Some scheming about the best way to make the project awesome, tickle funny-bones, pull heartstrings, look unbelievable and just be brilliantly effective.
Step 3: Production/Post Production
It all happens. the exciting part. You'll love working with us to see the ideas spring to life.
Step 4: Support
We can help you make the most of your piece of content, PR stunt or whatever it is we did together. We can offer professional help with PR campaigns and digital marketing to make sure your project has real impact.